Dental Care

Pays 100% of eligible expenses per year, per person for:

  • Consultation Fees
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Personal Accident

    Pays for unlimited tooth extraction, dental consultation, oral prophylaxis and temporary filling.


    Maternity Benefit


    Pays for:

  • Caesarian Delivery Normal Delivery Miscarriage/abortion

    In- Patient Income

    Pays each day of hospital confinement starting from the first day up to 365 days due to illness or accident.

    Intensive Care Income

    Pays double benefit for In-patient income for each day of ICU confinement up to 31 days.


    Surgical Fee

    Pays for the actual charges for surgical procedure performed by a physician as per surgical benefit.


    Table of Benefits
    A. Accident Death Pays 100,000 for accidental loss of life
    B. Accidental Disablement Dismemberment Pays maximum of P100, 000 for total and permanent disablement and loss of body parts due to accident.
    C. Murder or Assault Pays P100,000 for loss of life due to unprovoked murder or assault.
    D. Medical Reimbursement Pays P10,000 for eligible medical expenses for injury due to accident
    E. Cash Assistance Pays P10,000 for loss of life due to illness or accident.
    F. Burial Assistance Pays P15,000 for loss of life due to accident


    1. Acts of GOD: i.e. Deaths or injuries due to earthquake, typhoon, tidal wave, volcanic eruption, hurricane, flood (includes, accidental drowning).
    2. Animal bites: i.e. Dog bites, Snake bites, bee sting
    3. Whilst riding, driving or operating (except racing) any two-wheeled motorcycle without side-car..

    Life Insurance Benefit (LIB)


    Pays 100% of insured amount to legally designated beneficiary for loss of life due to natural causes or accident.